Modeling Campaigns with NYX! 1st time shooting

I’ve been wanting to write about my ongoing modeling campaigns with NYX Cosmetics but couldn’t explain everything over Instagram, so here it goes! 

I actually reached out to one of the NYX Creative Managers about being a part of their Fall and Winter Collection! She posted about the opportunity in a UCLA Forum (NYX uses real girls and influencers, not models, for all of their campaigns). 

I have a light skin tone, so I was chosen as one of three girls to represent all the shades for their new Fall and Winter collection, available worldwide. The photos taken will be released in store and online in 2019!

Everyone at NYX is so friendly and outgoing. The shoot took over 10 hours as putting on makeup, shooting, taking it off, and doing it again actually takes a long time! 

Here are some videos and photos: 

img_7579 (1).png
img_7582 (1).png
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